Commentary: All ready for ‘Jesus Ween?’

Everybody’s made fun of this already (Thanks, Jimmy Kimmel), but hey, can’t Christians leave well enough alone? We complain that we’re persecuted if schools replace the word “holiday” for “Christmas,” then yell at a department store for putting up Christmas decorations TOO early because it’s being materialistic. We might get a more balanced perspective on real persecution if we dressed up like martyred saints for Halloween. I’ll dress up like Fr. Ragheed Aziz Ganni of Iraq, who was pulled over in his car and shot a few years ago when he refused to convert to Islam. You can use a dozen of those fake arrows and liberally apply some ketchup to go trick-or-treating as St. Sebastian, martyred during Emperor Diocletian’s persecution in the 3rd century. This could be more effective than passing out tracts. At least it would shut us up.

About Skippy R

Skippy R is retired after toiling as a scribe for a large denominational newspaper in Texas for about 40 years. He's written for The Wittenburg Door and Beliefnet. He lives in Dallas with his wife, Mrs. Skippy, and leads a Bible study in his home. Mostly spends time running after his grandkids. He is -- what are they calling it now? -- a Jesus follower.
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