Staff: Wallis Rauschenbusch Jr.

Wallis Rauschenbusch Jr., shown here after his arrest at the National Day of Anguish cry-in on the Washington Mall in 2003, assembles our new “1st World Problems” column.

Wallis Rauschenbusch Jr.

Wallis Rauschenbusch Jr.

A distant cousin of theologian Walter Rauschenbusch (1861–1918), Wallis spent the late ‘60s as the only white intern with the Congress of Racial Equality. His doctoral dissertation at Union Seminary was on “The Kingdom of God, Class Struggle and Global Slacking.”

“Since then I’ve spent several decades questioning militarism, individualism, capitalism and nationalism, all the isms, pretty much,” he says. Heavily influenced by postmodernism, he rejects the “texts” of oppression ingrained in American society and media.

He works as a volunteer for Blind Folly, asking only scraps of food and bail money.

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