Staff: Boz Gaultier

Boz Gaultier pens our ‘Ugly Christian Band of the Week’ feature, which reviews the most important aspect of any Gospel/Christian music group—its fashion & style.

Ugly Band Author

Boz Gaultier in promotional photo (circa 1983) while playing with the acid-cowboy band The Woozy Moos.

The author is a licensed Christian aestheticist and professor of post-modern deconstruction, faith, media, culture and the arts in Brown University’s Department of Anthropomorphism and Communication Studies.

Author of Oy!, a novel of magical realism set in New York City’s Orthodox Jewish community, Gaultier was graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1998 with a masters degree in art, concentrating on the media of recyclables and organics. The same year he received a second place national award in Targeted Materials: Bottles and Cans category.

He earned a doctorate at The University of Wisconsin with a dissertation on the interrelationship of fashion and lyrics in 20th century Christian pop music. He has been published in The Wittenburg Door and Grist for the Mill Music Review, as well as various professional and scholarly journals in his field.

A lifelong banjo soloist and avid snorkeler, Gaultier lives in Plano, Texas, surrounded by shelves of his beloved Disney collectibles with his Siberian Husky, Nanook, and his Inuit squaw/life-companion Akkilokipok.

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