Ugly Christian Band of the Week: Rootdown

Rootdown is a band from Eugene, Oregon, that got together when one guy heard another guy’s songs on MySpace. That tells me they’ve been around a while. The band performs feel-good raggae-style music. It’s “the kind of music you can’t fake or learn in school,” says lead singer Pdub.

I tried to learn math in school, and even tried to fake it, without success, so I know where they’re coming from.

Anyway, guys, let’s get down to business. What’s with the shiny pants? Did your jeans get wet or something? Is it some kind of reference to your new CD, Tidal Wave? If so, shouldn’t you also be unconscious and covered with mud and debris?

RootdownAt right is a photo of the group just before the tidal wave hit. They’re  purposefully ignoring the local Pacific Tsunami Warning System alarms, tempting fate.

Bottom Line: At the very least, Rootdown’s shiny wet-pants outfit on their CD cover violates the first rule of rock band safety — don’t electrocute yourself.

I suspect we won’t be hearing any more from Rootdown, unless they dry off or unplug their instruments first.

The Ugly Christian Band of the Week feature reviews the most important aspect of any Gospel/Christian music group—its fashion style.

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