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Covid, Masks and the Great Church Bus Standoff at Main & Jackson

Many pastors are being lionized in Christian circles for resisting ‘Draconian’ Covid-19 pandemic restrictions about crowds, masking and social distancing, heroically putting their congregations’ and neighbors’ health in danger regardless of the personal cost to themselves. But some faith heroes … Continue reading

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Billy Bob in the Ice Palace of ERCOT

A public utility fairy tale of the struggle between The Electric Reliability Council of Texas and the humble citizens of that sovereign state. The journey to the ERCOT Ice Palace was perilous and long. Billy Bob had been delegated by … Continue reading

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God releases “Zack Snyder”-style cut of The Book of Revelation

Note: The following includes spoilers about the new director’s cut of “The Book of Revelation.” God says his new revision of the original Book of Revelation adds five chapters and a number of plot devices that never made it into … Continue reading

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Miraculous image of Dr. Fauci appears on cast-off coronavirus mask

A mysterious stain on a cast-off cloth mask has been found to display a blurry image of infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony S. Fauci. The mask was first noticed a few days ago in the parking lot of a Walmart … Continue reading

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Zuckerberg: New Facebook ‘mind ads’ are safe

[First posted in 2012, but still relevant] Facebook announced it will “thoughtfully and slowly” begin rolling out ads that appear right inside your mind while you post on your newsfeed. “We don’t want to be intrusive,” Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg … Continue reading

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