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The Apotheosis of The Donald & The Ronald

[Note: This was obviously written in the Alternate Reality that existed before Election Night. Just flip everything, and it can still be entertaining]. And I was in the Spirit on election day. In the Spirit, by the way, not ‘spirits.’ … Continue reading

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Trumpism’s Anti-Prius Conspiracy Revealed

America needs to get its priorities straight! Deep into this political season, candidates are slinging “racist” and “liar” around like out-of-control Agri-Fab fertilizer spreaders. But now they’ve gone too far and are treading upon one of my precious pet peeves. … Continue reading

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Half a ‘Thumbs Up’: After investigation, Joyce Meyer sorta steps up to accountability

We’ve got to applaud Joyce Meyer Ministries after reading reports she has brought her ministry into line with financial accountability standards. But she only gets half a “thumbs up.”

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‘Get thee behind me, Carl!’ – The ToYouBible App

PRODUCT REVIEW: I don’t quite know how the public will respond to the ToYouBible app, but I’m guessing it will get real scary, real quick. Did no one think this through?

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Signs of the End Times: Spiders encircling Dallas with icky web

It started first in 2007 near Lake Tawakoni, about 40 miles from Dallas. Described as “something out of a low-budget horror movie,” a glistening spider web draped trees like shrouds, covering an area as big as a football field. The … Continue reading

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