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John Oliver takes down the televangelists, thanks to small investigative non-profit Trinity Foundation

[Update: ‘CBS This Morning’ interviewed Trinity Foundation president Ole Anthony in a follow up to John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” piece.] John Oliver skewered televangelists, the Prosperity Gospel and abysmal IRS oversight in a way that’s uniquely his own during … Continue reading

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New, buff Kim Jong-un reappears in Pyongyang

North Korea’s 32-year-old Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un shocked a crowd in Pyongyang, reappearing after a month-long absence from public view and flexing his newly bulked up physique. Despite speculation he was the victim of a coup or in failing health, … Continue reading

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Harvard Black Mass moved to Chinese restaurant

The Satanic Temple, a group that designed a statue for a satanic display at the Oklahoma state capitol grounds, had a setback lately. When its controversial Black Mass was cancelled at Harvard University, it moved the event to the nearby … Continue reading

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Trending: Christian Humility Parades

First there were Black Pride and Gay Pride parades, and now even Atheist Pride Parades are becoming popular around the country. This disturbed Rev. Hosea Rileston of Fort Worth, Texas, who has started a movement of his own — Christian … Continue reading

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Robertson’s Sweater demons only tip of the iceberg

Why fear only second-hand sweaters? Might not the stressed workers in Asian sweatshops — who toil to sew together these articles of clothing that they can’t afford to buy — deposit a little of their heathenish polytheism into the acrylic … Continue reading

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Of Ponchos and Popes

After watching hours of coverage about Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation, I think I’ve discovered what Baptist, Pentecostal and other Protestant leaders are lacking. A cape. The Pope’s flashy red satin cape– technically called a ferraiolo and worn for formal liturgical … Continue reading

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