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Signs of the End Times: Spiders encircling Dallas with icky web

It started first in 2007 near Lake Tawakoni, about 40 miles from Dallas. Described as “something out of a low-budget horror movie,” a glistening spider web draped trees like shrouds, covering an area as big as a football field. The … Continue reading

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And now a word from the extraterrestrial ‘Jews’

Because it’s becoming so difficult to parody the political primary races, here’s a bit of good news to distract us all (courtesy of Heeb Magazine): The UFO worshiping Raëlians are no longer Zionists. (See their powerful video above)

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John Oliver takes down the televangelists, thanks to small investigative non-profit Trinity Foundation

[Update: ‘CBS This Morning’ interviewed Trinity Foundation president Ole Anthony in a follow up to John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” piece.] John Oliver skewered televangelists, the Prosperity Gospel and abysmal IRS oversight in a way that’s uniquely his own during … Continue reading

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New, buff Kim Jong-un reappears in Pyongyang

North Korea’s 32-year-old Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un shocked a crowd in Pyongyang, reappearing after a month-long absence from public view and flexing his newly bulked up physique. Despite speculation he was the victim of a coup or in failing health, … Continue reading

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Harvard Black Mass moved to Chinese restaurant

The Satanic Temple, a group that designed a statue for a satanic display at the Oklahoma state capitol grounds, had a setback lately. When its controversial Black Mass was cancelled at Harvard University, it moved the event to the nearby … Continue reading

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