Why God Wants You to Wear Your Mask


I’ve noticed a curious contradiction lately.

Christian believers are claiming that the Covid-19 guidelines – the quarantines, the masks, the hand washings, the lockdown on gatherings, the business closures – all amount to tyranny, a threat to Constitutional rights, and are based (at best) on mistaken data and (at worst) are part of a deep-state conspiracy to turn us all into fearful sheep.

What’s the contradiction? It all has to do with a “parapet.”

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If the fate of Job hung on a Heavenly Zoom conference


It was Tuesday, the usual day when the sons of God came together to present themselves before the Lord as his heavenly council. But because of the pandemic lockdown, everyone was social distancing and working from home, so Jesus suggested they all use Zoom, the video conferencing app, for a virtual meeting.

The Angel Gabriel messaged everybody to say he already had an account, so they could use his, and the meeting could go beyond the 40-minute limit of the free version. [Editor’s Note: Not applicable in eternity, but…]

The focus of the meeting was to be God’s faithful servant, Job.

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Weekly Beastie: Dr. Fauci or Dr. Faustus?

It’s been several years since the liberal owner of this website published a sophomorish election-eve article that made fun of now-President Donald Trump. Weekly Beastie LogoSince that shameful episode, we’ve “been shut down for repairs” here at blindfolly.org.

Now that we’re back up and running, I am able to resume my investigations, and I was surprised to find that we’re in the middle of a serious coronavirus pandemic!

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Zuckerberg: New Facebook ‘mind ads’ are safe

[First posted in 2012, but still relevant]

Facebook announced it will “thoughtfully and slowly” begin rolling out ads that appear right inside your mind while you post on your newsfeed.

Facebook 'mind ads'“We don’t want to be intrusive,” Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said. “And all privacy rights will be preserved. Your thoughts will stay right where they usually are, like always. We’ll just be adding some more in.”

A mind is a terrible thing to waste, Zuckerberg continued. “Most people don’t take advantage of 76 per cent of their brain’s capacity, anyway. We’ll put it to good use.”

Facebook promises the new “mind ads” will not encroach on or slow down other mental processes, nor will they hinder driving. A text-only ad feature can be chosen in Facebook’s settings area. An opt-out feature may be added in coming weeks, but may not be available in all areas.

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Ugly Christian Band of the Week: Underøath


[Reposted from 2015 for an update. Since then Underøath released the album “Erase Me” in 2018. They’re all old, “Screamo” is dead, and their clothes are all black now]

The Christian music world is all excited about a reunion of Underøath at the “Self Help Fest” in San Bernadino, March 16.

But I’m not.
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