Zuckerberg: New Facebook ‘mind ads’ are safe

[First posted in 2012, but still relevant]

Facebook announced it will “thoughtfully and slowly” begin rolling out ads that appear right inside your mind while you post on your newsfeed.

Facebook 'mind ads'“We don’t want to be intrusive,” Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said. “And all privacy rights will be preserved. Your thoughts will stay right where they usually are, like always. We’ll just be adding some more in.”

A mind is a terrible thing to waste, Zuckerberg continued. “Most people don’t take advantage of 76 per cent of their brain’s capacity, anyway. We’ll put it to good use.”

Facebook promises the new “mind ads” will not encroach on or slow down other mental processes, nor will they hinder driving. A text-only ad feature can be chosen in Facebook’s settings area. An opt-out feature may be added in coming weeks, but may not be available in all areas.

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Ugly Christian Band of the Week: Underøath


[Reposted from 2015 for an update. Since then Underøath released the album “Erase Me” in 2018. They’re all old, “Screamo” is dead, and their clothes are all black now]

The Christian music world is all excited about a reunion of Underøath at the “Self Help Fest” in San Bernadino, March 16.

But I’m not.
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The Apotheosis of The Donald & The Ronald


[Note: This was obviously written in the Alternate Reality that existed before Election Night. Just flip everything, and it can still be entertaining].

And I was in the Spirit on election day.

In the Spirit, by the way, not ‘spirits.’ Believe me, I don’t drink alcohol, not even my own Trump Vodka, so I was perfectly lucid and aware at the time. But I knew this was going to be a huge, HUGE Revelation! Continue reading

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Trumpism’s Anti-Prius Conspiracy Revealed


America needs to get its priorities straight!

Deep into this political season, candidates are slinging “racist” and “liar” around like out-of-control Agri-Fab fertilizer spreaders.

But now they’ve gone too far and are treading upon one of my precious pet peeves.

The Trumpizers have taken away my Eco-Friendly parking spot at Whole Foods!

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Rethinking Facebook, incivility and violence


Radioactive rods in a nuclear power plant.

Can the hateful things we say on social media somehow lead to violence in society?

Yes, they can, and I confess, I’ve been a part of it. God forgive me. Continue reading

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