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If the fate of Job hung on a Heavenly Zoom conference

It was Tuesday, the usual day when the sons of God came together to present themselves before the Lord as his heavenly council. But because of the pandemic lockdown, everyone was social distancing and working from home, so Jesus suggested … Continue reading

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Trending: Christian Humility Parades

First there were Black Pride and Gay Pride parades, and now even Atheist Pride Parades are becoming popular around the country. This disturbed Rev. Hosea Rileston of Fort Worth, Texas, who has started a movement of his own — Christian … Continue reading

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OCCUPY: Call & Response… ad infinitum

One of the distinctive characteristics of the Occupy movement has been its quirky “call and response” way of chanting slogans and communicating within the group.  Our blindfolly reporter met with Scott Wilfred, second in command and media consultant,  in the … Continue reading

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