Education Crisis: Friday Night Lights-Out

Allen Stadium
First-World Problem: The Texas state high school champion Allen Eagles built a $60-million football stadium to celebrate their sports success. They even spent extra on concrete seats, wrestling room, an indoor-hitting area for golf and a press box.  1st World ProblemsBut an inspection found incorrectly poured concrete, cracks throughout the concourse, and slabs that weren’t built to sufficiently support the weight of the stadium. “Our senior football players, our 800-member band, drill team, cheerleaders, soccer… you name it, they won’t be in that facility next year, and that’s a huge disappointment,” Allen ISD Superintendent Dr. Lance Hindt lamented. Cost to repair the stadium will approach $1 million.
Third-World Problem: Children living in the Muthare slum in Nairobi, Kenya, do not have the means to buy a soccer ball. Instead they scour dumpsites in the local area for plastic bags and bits of string to fashion their own, handmade ball.

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