Noah’s Lockdown Quarantine Blues


It was day 123 of the Ark lockdown, and Noah was having trouble finding distractions for his beleaguered family. Not seeing any other faces but their own was starting to wear everybody down, and tensions were running high.

Noah – “Hey, Shem, how about carving this piece of gopher wood into a turtle for me.”

Shem – “I’ve already made 26 gopher-wood turtles. I even carved one piece of gopher wood into an actual gopher. Besides, I’m sick of whittling. Ham, at least, gets to go up on deck and scrub off the barnacles. I’m just… feeling so hemmed in!”

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Memes and Facebook’s Truth Problem


I’m starting a new feature in my Facebook newsfeed called “Meme Watch.”  It will periodically investigate the accuracy of those pesky posts that pop up, devoid of sources, originating from questionable sites, claiming outrageous things or spinning conspiracies and rumor.

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Weekly Beastie: Godly, biblical names key to 2020 election

In past election years, conservative evangelicals have wisely gone beyond positions, platforms, policy papers, competence and character in evaluating a presidential candidate. Weekly Beastie LogoSome have scrutinized their candidate’s favorite scriptures for insight into their souls. Others have simply opened their Bibles randomly, pointed to a verse and tried to find a clue.

But in the end, they all come to me.

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‘A Heart of Many Chambers’ (in the age of social media)


  • “The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.”                                                       – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Now there’s a meme you will rarely see on Facebook. But it’s a truth the rabbis understood and took to heart.

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Why God Wants You to Wear Your Mask


I’ve noticed a curious contradiction lately.

Christian believers are claiming that the Covid-19 guidelines – the quarantines, the masks, the hand washings, the lockdown on gatherings, the business closures – all amount to tyranny, a threat to Constitutional rights, and are based (at best) on mistaken data and (at worst) are part of a deep-state conspiracy to turn us all into fearful sheep.

What’s the contradiction? It all has to do with a “parapet.”

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